Check Out The First Episode Of ‘Powers’ And A New Trailer For The Whole Season

It should probably go without saying, but for those of you unfamiliar with the Powers comics, these videos are NSFW for violence and salty language. The first episode (video above) premiered on Playstation, and the 2nd and 3rd episodes are already available to Playstation Plus subscribers. It’s Playstation’s first original series, and additional episodes will premiere on Tuesdays until all 10 episodes are out.

Powers follows two homicide detectives who investigate cases involving those with superpowers, with Sharlto Copley playing a cop who used to be able to fly until Eddie Izzard stole his power. Izzard plays the villain, although Noah Taylor’s character channeling Nick Cave is pretty creepy in his own right. The first episode was directed by David Slade of Hard Candy, 30 Days Of Night, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. One of these things is not like the others.

If you’re not sure about committing an entire 53 minutes to the first episode, here’s a trailer for the whole season to help you decide.

Via Deadline and Playstation