Watch The Full Pilot Of Dan Harmon’s New Adult Swim Show, ‘Rick And Morty’

Cartoon Network has placed the full, commercial-free pilot of Dan Harmon new Adult Swim pilot, Rick and Morty, on YouTube. Set to debut sometime next year, the animated series focuses on a genius inventor and his somewhat less-than-genius grandson, and is based on a series of Channel 101 shorts created by Justin Roiland, which were themselves based on the Marty McFly/Doc relationship in the Back to the Future films.

More importantly, however, the pilot opens with said genius inventor drunkenly flying a spaceship and threatening to blow up the whole town and start over, after he picks up the girl his grandson has a crush on so the two of them can be a new Adam and Eve. That’s how it starts. Like, before the credits. This show officially has my attention.

(via Splitsider)