Watch Jason Alexander In The Puppet Episode Of ‘Community’

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04.09.13 12 Comments

Last week’s episode of Community was probably my favorite of the post-Dan Harmon era. It wasn’t great, and I still don’t like the Sheldon Cooper-ization of Abed, but it was sweet enough that I could overlook the episode’s faults. The best part, however, was the preview for next week’s puppet-themed episode, and I’m excited to see 1) the Greendale gang as Henson-like creatures, and 2) to see how badly the new showrunners mangle the execution. Plus, the episode will feature this generation’s Sophie B. Hawkins, Sara Bareilles, who is as close as you can get to 90s nostalgia without actually going back to the 1990s.

The episode, “Intro to Felt Surrogacy,” will also feature Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander, and until now, we only knew he was in an unspecified role. Now we know he’ll be playing a mountain man. Thanks to the first clip from the episode, we also know he’ll be delivering recycled jokes to the puppet students of Greendale after they get lost in the forest. But Abed does deliver a nice Lost reference.

Here, too, is a clip of the puppets singing with Bareilles.

And once again, the AWESOME puppet rap sneak peaked in last week’s episode, although I have to admit it feels kind of like betrayal to a running joke set up by Dan Harmon.

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