Watch Jim Carrey And Tamsin Greig Show The Best Ways To Fake An Orgasm

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Faking an orgasm isn’t really an art, but it does seem like everyone has their little methods. I usually keep a small glass of milk by the bed for mine, but that can get awkward after a few days. For Tamsin Greig of Black Books fame and Jim Carrey, they have their own ideas for how an orgasm can be faked in real life and on screen.

Grieg got her method from her time on Black Books, having to fake one to Peter Serafinowicz’s voice on the radio during one episode. She was having trouble, so director Graham Linehan told her to imitate the sounds she would make when stepping into a hot bath.

Graham Norton gets her to replicate it on stage, Jim Carrey hears it and runs with it, and then we have a funny television segment to chuckle over.

That wasn’t the end of their tiny imitation game, as Greig pulled out an impression of a scared pig on the promise that Carrey would do one of a St. Bernard. Neither disappointed, but Carrey’s managed to get everyone all wet. Jude Law didn’t seem to mind too much.

(Via Graham Norton)

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