Here’s Jimmy Fallon Taking On Mark Ruffalo And Stephen Merchant In A Cutthroat Game Of ‘Musical Beers’

Sad to say, but this clip is the perfect representation of Stephen Merchant’s experience with Hello Ladies on HBO. He’s all set to go, ready to have a good time, and seems to have a real advantage based on his abilities. Then someone snatches it away and he’s left standing around looking goofy for the rest of the segment.

This is one of the odder games that Jimmy Fallon has thrown out there, but it sorta works. It is better than whatever spin on beer pong he wants to try from week to week, plus who doesn’t love circus music? Also seeing Mark Ruffalo try to Hulk a cup away from Fallon’s clutches. I almost had my dream come true of seeing someone coldcock Jimmy Fallon on TV. Almost.

(Via The Tonight Show)