Watch John Mulaney Explain How Pete Holmes Torpedoed His Surprise Wedding Proposal

12.03.13 8 Comments

It is a very slow news afternoon and I really do not want to talk about Jeff Zucker demanding less “news” and more HOT TAKES from CNN going forward, so instead, here are some clips from John Mulaney’s appearance on The Pete Holmes Show last night. These two feature Mulaney going into great detail to explain how Pete Holmes ruined his big surprise marriage proposal, and they are terrific. So are the other two clips, for the record, one of which features Mulaney roasting Holmes about his divorce (funnier than it sounds), and the other of which is all about doggie nicknames and psychedelics. Please do yourself a favor and watch all four.

In other news, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy remember when NBC passed on John Mulaney’s pilot so it could pick up Sean Saves the World?

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