Watch Jonathan Banks Read Obscene Fairy Tales In Character As Mike From ‘Breaking Bad’

Three things:

1) The first video posted below features Jonathan Banks on Paul F. Tompkins’ “Speakeasy” web series reading cuss-filled versions of classic children’s fairy tales — like Robin Hood, Chicken Little, and Little Red Riding Hood — in character as Mike Ehrmantraut, his terrifying hitman/fixer character from Breaking Bad. It is exactly as terrific as you are currently imagining it is.

2) The second video posted below is the full interview, which includes Banks discussing his early work on Beverly Hills Cop, slapping Aaron Paul around a little, almost breaking Ed O’Neill’s hip on the set of Modern Family, and some of his biggest moments on Breaking Bad, namely his memorable speech in “Half Measures.” He also cracks some dry, menacing jokes and chastises Tompkins for drinking too slow, because everything is kind of perfect sometimes. Highly recommended viewing.

3) Between this and the Mark-Paul Gosselaar interview from last week, “Speakeasy” is quickly becoming my favorite web series.