Watch Justin Bieber Get Pelted With Eggs In The Promo For His Comedy Central Roast

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02.17.15 14 Comments

Justin Bieber’s highly anticipated Comedy Central roasting is set to take place on March 30 (now featuring Hannibal Buress), and today they released the above promo to get us thirsty with bloodlust by pelting Bieber with eggs in slow-mo. Because GET IT?! Justin Bieber and eggs have kind of a history together.

I wonder who got to be the guy who got to pelt Justin Bieber with eggs for this. Personally, I would have been like, “You know, those first 15 takes didn’t work for me. I think we should pelt him with eggs one more time.” I would then have refused my paycheck and instead insisted to pay Comedy Central for the day’s work.

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