Watch Kevin Hart Reveal The Details Behind His Disastrous ‘SNL’ Audition

As you saw in that great #SNL40 montage, a lot of famous faces have attempted to audition for Saturday Night Live over the years. This includes Kevin Hart who stopped by Conan to promote Get Hard, but ended up talking about how much of a disaster his audition turned out to be.

Hart is obviously fudging the details a bit, but you have to believe he pulled out an Avery Johnson impression for his SNL audition. It’s perfect because the odds of anybody in the room knowing who Johnson is going to be slim, plus you have to hope that it’s actually going to be funny and not just reliant on sounding like the guy.

I think his reaction here is probably a little funnier, especially when his Avery Johnson game is weak compared to the likes of Chris Webber:

(Via Team Coco)