Watch Kevin Spacey Unleash Some Great Celebrity Impressions On ‘The Tonight Show’

Kevin Spacey can do some wicked impressions. His sit down on Inside The Actors Studio features one of the best examples of his Rolodex of impressions. It’s not a shock that Fallon and company found a way to work in some voice work for Spacey during his latest Tonight Show appearance.

There’s some old classics like Johnny Carson and Christopher Walken, then there’s a completely spot on Michael Caine that makes Jimmy Fallon look sorta foolish. It might not be better than the one from The Trip, but it’s the best on this show.

He wraps it up with a Bill Clinton that’s just fine, but I’d still prefer Darrell Hammond’s from Saturday Night Live. He’s more of a wild card and I enjoy that about the character.

(Via The Tonight Show)