These ‘Late Night’ #Hashtags Will Hit A Little Too Close To Home

Everyone has a black sheep or two in the family (it may even be you) and ‘Late Night‘ probably pinpointed one or two of them in their latest ‘Hashtags’ bit. I know for a fact that a few hit too close to home for me, meaning I’m one hunting accident away from a Jeff Foxworthy bit.

Who hasn’t had a relative try to stuff food into their pants at the Chinese buffet? Or duct tape flashlights to the front of their pickup truck? That’s called ingenuity.

I’ve had relatives who would pick fights with the police scanner, stretch the limits of thriftiness by washing paper plates and even a few that believe cage fighting is a viable career path. We all have weird relatives and I’m sure we all have stories like these where the legend grows a little bit each time.