Watch Liam Hemsworth And Jimmy Fallon Completely Ignore Katherine Heigl During This Giant Tricycle Race

I’m a little disappointed with this particular Fallon clip. Usually when I see the beer helmets making an appearance, I’m ready for Hugh Jackman or some sort of crazy atmosphere. What we got was Liam Hemsworth, a lesser Australian actor, taking part in a far less exciting tricycle race featuring a giant turkey fighting a panda.

Making things worse was Katherine Heigl attempting to nose in on the race. Two people are locked in a battle of wills on The Tonight Show and here comes Katherine Heigl to screech like a banshee and ruin everything. Only thing that would’ve made it great is if Hemsworth stopped cold at Heigl’s door, refused to continue the show, and then threw his tricycle at the nearby panda on his way out of the studio.

(Via The Tonight Show)