Watch Lisa Loeb Help John Oliver Call The People Of Oregon ‘F*cking Idiots’

Short version: Lisa Loeb appeared on the premiere of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver last night — which is kind of a time-shifting mouthful of a phrase that I’m sure we’ll all get used to at some point — to sing a cheerful, quirky, Portland-y song about how the people of Oregon are idiots for dumping almost $250 million into their malfunctioning state website for Obamacare, only to scrap the whole ineffectual thing and pass the buck back to the federal government and its site.

Long version: The long version is the video, which is embedded above, right there, at the top of the page. And the even longer version, I suppose, is the full episode, which HBO put on YouTube this morning, and is not embeddable. So there’s that.

If you ask me, the real takeaway here, other than the thing where Oregon burned through a quarter billion dollars of taxpayer money and has bupkis to show for it, and the thing where there’s a guy holding a big fake bottle labeled “Cat Oxycontin,” which sounds like the name of the heavily-tattooed lead singer of a righteous all-girl rock band that is so underground that they technically haven’t even formed yet, is this: Zooey Deschanel owes Lisa Loeb money. A lot of it.