Here’s Video Of A Man Getting Kicked Out Of Wal-Mart For Videotaping Pathetic Black Friday Madness

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11.29.13 13 Comments

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I’ve never ventured out into the retail world on Black Friday (or technically, Thanksgiving night, which was when the video below was filmed, because the need for discounted electronics and sh*tty toys has officially consumed the holiday of thanks). The closest I’ve ever been to a Black Friday situation was waiting overnight for tickets to a concert. When the gates opened at 9 a.m. the next morning, thousands of people sprinted through a parking lot and up an escalator to the ticket windows, and when people fell, there was no stopping to help them. They were just trampled on the melee. In large stampeding crowds rushing to purchase items limited in supply, people lose their humanity.

There is no place on Earth, then, less humane than a Wal-Mart after the doors opened on Thanksgiving night. Madness reigns, all so they can save $10 on an X-Box One, or 10 percent on a Big Hugs Elmo, a $6.99 DVD deals. People risk life and limb to spend money on things that will live at the bottom of their children’s toy boxes by February.

If you need another reason to stay inside today, eating leftovers, and watching Netflix, then check out this 45 second clip from a Wal-Mart, filmed by a guy who was kicked out soon thereafter. Why? Because retailers don’t want you to know that IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT. Note, also, that the guy who was THROWING PEOPLE AROUND was not asked to leave.

And retailers wonder why do more and more of our purchasing online now.

For a different perspective, here’s what Black Friday looks like in Canada.

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