‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 Debuts Via Social Media Three Days Early For A Very Limited Time

The first season of Mr. Robot took just about everyone off guard by presenting the story of Elliot, a strange loaner with the ability to hack just about anything, who finds himself right in the middle of a conspiracy that could change the world. The quiet, often-times unbalanced Elliot became the perfect antihero for the digital age throughout that first season and USA Network’s spot-on viral marketing for the show helped it to gain a buzz before debuting. For the second season, USA Network has been hitting on all cylinders to promote the show, everything up to and including a store in NYC dedicated to the show with a hackable ATM that spits out money.

In the latest bit of viral marketing, USA Network released the first episode of the second season early for vigilant viewers who kept their eyes peeled to social media on Sunday evening. According to the official Twitter, the show (at least the first half) debuted on Twitter at 8:30pm Eastern, 8:45 on SnapChat and 9pm on USA Network’s website and the official YouTube channel.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to last forever. Much like all of the information that Elliot hacks in the series, this wasn’t meant to sit around forever, instead the videos are only live for the remainder of July 10th and then are gone, archived on burned CDs with classic album titles written on them and zipped into a case that is stuffed under Elliot’s bed. So if you missed it, you’ll just have to wait for the official debut on USA Network on July 13th. Since this is only the first half of the show you’ll have to watch on the 13th anyway, but they’ve sure got a lot of people’s attention now.