Watch Paul Rudd Eat From The Mouth Of Another Man Like A Baby Bird

Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars charity event aired tonight and featured, as it promised, many stars (some might say too many). But one of the event’s best sketches featured Paul Rudd and the “Wheel of Rudd,” wherein people made donations to Autism Speaks for a chance to spin a wheel and get to do something to Rudd.

One woman got to slap him in the face several times, and a man got to “baby bird” him — chewing food up and spitting it into the actor’s mouth. You know, like his Clueless co-star Alicia Silverstone does to her child in real life.

The above video cuts off right before we see Rudd take a mouthful of other-guy-mouthful, but we are proud to bring you the delicious final moment. Try not to jerk off too hard.