Watch Ron Burgundy Turn Conan Into A Man And Throw His Musical Support Behind Mayor Rob Ford

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11.20.13 4 Comments

Ron Burgundy took over Conan on Wednesday to promote his memoirs and provide what many would call a tour de force performance of Loverboy’s 1981 classic “Workin’ For The Weekend” in support of Mayor Rob Ford’s re-election bid.

It’s only one of many marks Burgundy left on the program, including turning noted wimp and dainty little flower Conan O’Brien into a true man. It only took 20 years, but Conan can finally put on big boy pants and ride his bike without training wheels thanks to Ron Burgundy.

Team Coco posted this image of the transformation earlier in the night:

And soon after Burgundy took the stage and poured himself out with a performance I challenge anyone to top, including Bruce Springsteen. Burgundy leaves it all out there with a blistering flute solo to boot.

There isn’t much that Burgundy can’t do at this point. Pristine mane of a lion, the finest silks and leather adorning his body, and a voice like a rusted angel. Thank you, Ron Burgundy.

Via Team Coco / ConanOBrien / YouTube

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