Watch Sarah Silverman’s Very Funny, Very Topless Failed NBC Pilot

There are very few things we, the Internet, can agree on. Basically, the list is: corgis are the best, Nickelback is the worst, and when writing about Sarah Silverman’s unaired NBC pilot, the banner image has to show Silverman cupping her boobs in an elevator. It’s web law; pity the blogger who picks a more modest screencap.

Anyway, last year, NBC passed on Silverman’s Susan 313, a sitcom about a woman moving back into her apartment, because they expected big things from this Welcome to the Family show, I guess? I’ve stopped trying to make sense of NBC’s decisions, because I don’t know how you say no to a show with not only Silverman and Harris Wittels, pictured above, but also Tig Notaro, Harris Wittels, June Diane Raphael, and Jeff Goldblum.

Fortunately, you can watch the entire thing below; unfortunately, this is it. Back to the foam corner, Harris.