Watch Steve Harvey Fight Back Tears After This Wonderful Birthday Surprise

In case you didn’t know, today is Steve Harvey’s 58th birthday. And while he’s got some divisive opinions away from the television screen, he’s made a positive influence on a lot of people through his own talk show and hosting duties on Family Feud. That’s what led Cleveland, Ohio to honor him on his special day.

Now Burnsy alluded to this big surprise on Thursday, but now all has been revealed and we know what left Harvey bawling like a baby on national television:

In one emotional moment, the birthday boy learned that not only has the mayor of Cleveland declared January 17 to be “Steve Harvey Day,” but the city also renamed the portion of E. 112th Street he grew up on as “Steve Harvey Way”!

His sister Mona stood on the street outside their childhood home, telling Steve, “We’re here because we love you…If mom and dad were here, dad would be saying, ‘Do you know I’m his daddy?’ and mama would be just shaking her head! We love you, Steve!”(via)

I’m a cynic at heart, so everything of this nature is bound to feel staged to some degree. I don’t deny those are real tears, especially near the end in relation to his mother’s house, but it still could be played up for the cameras.

It’s at least more realistic than all of those women who run off screaming on Maury, plus it’s a nice moment. It earns a pass for that.

(Via Steve Harvey)