Watch Steve Harvey’s Reaction To ‘The Best Answer’ He’s Ever Heard On ‘Family Feud’

Steve Harvey is the best host in the game show business. He has the awards to prove it, and we’ve already signed off with our all-too-important endorsement. Sure, we love Alex Trebek’s mustachioed know-it-all nature, and Wayne Brady makes the insane asylum that is Let’s Make a Deal one of the best things about my mornings. (Although it helps that he’s joined by the delightful Tiffany Coyne.) But when it comes to delivering the best reactions to the dumbest answers in the history of modern game shows on a daily basis, no one does it better than Harvey, who turns 58 on Saturday.

In this Family Feud clip from earlier this week, Harvey calls this man’s answer to “Ladies, what does YOUR man and the Pillsbury Doughboy have in common?” the best he has ever heard. In fairness, it’s a good answer, but it’s Harvey’s walk-off homer strut reaction that makes this clip an all-timer. The man is simply the greatest.