Watch the Andy Samberg Testicle Cologne Ad Cut From The Season Finale Of ‘SNL’

05.19.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

In Josh’s review this weekend, he found Andy Samberg-hosted season finale of Saturday Night Live frustrating. I don’t disagree, although given all of the Samberg-era cameos, I thought it was the equivalent of a mediocre 2012 Saturday Night Live episode, which actually made it one of the better 2014 episodes (and I did appreciate that they allowed the existing cast a couple of cameos in what was otherwise a reunion episode).

One of the sketches that didn’t make it was “Testicules,” a cologne for a man’s genitals. I’m sure it was cut because they didn’t want yet another pre-taped segment (there were already two Digital Shorts). It’s the perfect sketch for the person in your life that always wanted to see Andy Samberg spray cologne on his junk.

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