Watch The ‘Buffy’-Referencing, ‘Party Down’-Reuniting ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Trailer

I’ve only helped pay for the production of two movies: in 1994, when I read about Waterworld in EW and sent $5 in the mail to The Mariner, Waterworld, USA, and last year, for the Veronica Mars movie. There’s no use in going over the Kickstarter broulollol again, because the film’s happening. And here’s the donkey-punchless trailer to prove it.

The footage itself looks pretty good, though it’ll take awhile to get used to the new look and glossier feel, but the best stuff was anything that came out Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr’s joint interview. I don’t care if Veronica ends up with Logan or Piz; the movie should be about Veronica, Dick Casablancas, and Starr’s character forming a band called Karma Rocket together. To make some extra scratch on the side, they begin working for a catering company. BOOM. There’s your Veronica Mars and Party Down movies. Make it work, Rob Thomas.