Watch The First Episode Of ‘Spotless’ Right Now

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Crime-scene cleaner is a pretty fascinating job, when you think about it. What does it take to clean up what’s left behind in the wake of a horrible act of violence? Spotless takes it one step further: What does it take to clean it up while also trying to hide evidence of your heroin smuggling operation?

Spotless follows Jean (Marc-André Grondin), a London crime-scene cleaner haunted by a brutal but necessary crime he was part of as a child. He’s a seemingly happy guy with a good business and a loving family, but just underneath, he’s a mess: He’s only in business because he’s slipping the cops bribes, he’s cheating on his wife for reasons even he can’t quite figure out, and he’s on the verge of going broke.

Into this mess comes Martin (Denis Ménochet), Jean’s vivacious criminal of a brother. Martin has a small problem he’s kept in the freezer that he thinks Jean is unusually suited to help out with. Let’s just say it goes sideways from there, but we’ll let you see for yourself: The full first episode is available to stream above.