Watch These Painfully Awkward Hannibal Buress Segments With ‘Windy City Live’

06.19.14 4 years ago 12 Comments


Hannibal Buress posted these two segments from a January episode of Windy City Live on Twitter earlier today, calling it his “worst TV interview ever.” Right off the bat he seems ambushed, as the interview wasn’t so much an “interview” as it was “come sit on this panel of morning show dipsh*ts for twenty minutes.”

The show was filmed the day that Buress was filming his “Live From Chicago” special for Comedy Central, but more importantly, it was the also day news broke that Justin Bieber had been arrested for a DUI. This is what Hannibal Buress’s face looks like when he’s been subjected to entire minutes of inane chatter about Justin Bieber’s arrest:



When the Windy City co-hosts weren’t babbling about Justin Bieber or what three items they would bring with them if they were stranded on a desert island (ACTUAL TOPIC OF CONVERSATION) and turned their attention to, you know, THE DUDE THEY INVITED ONTO THEIR SHOW — they managed to offend Hannibal Buress in the following ways:

  • Black lady co-host makes an assumption about what part of Chicago he’s from
  • White male co-host asks Hannibal if he graduated high school
  • Black lady co-host asks if his dad is disappointed in him because he turned out to be a comedian

One of Hannibal Buress’s Twitter followers managed to pretty much sum up the entire interview in the following screen shot:

The whole thing is a total sh*tshow, so basically, a must watch. Here’s part one:

Part two:

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