Watch This 79-Year Old Ballroom Dancer Kill It On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

As usual, Britain’s biggest grump Simon Cowell was being a stick in the mud when he was recently introduced to 79-year old Paddy and her ballroom dancing partner Nico on Britain’s Got Talent. Hell, he didn’t even wait very long into their routine to drop the almighty X on them, but that might just have been their trick the whole time. Once Cowell blew them up, they absolutely put on a show for the other judges – screaming lady, pretty smile lady and nice guy who makes Simon seem more evil – and the audience that ended up giving Paddy and Nico a hell of a standing ovation.

Atta girl, Paddy. This could have only been better if she’d let Simon offer his stupid apology, before she flipped him on his ass with a wicked hurricanrana. I don’t doubt that this awesome old lady could have done it if she wanted to.