Watch This Australian ‘Today’ Host Ask Her Co-Host Whether She ‘Spit’ Or ‘Swallowed’

Australia’s Today show host Lisa Wilkinson already won over our hearts with her absolutely scathing take-down of Fifty Shades of Grey, and now she’s back, thanks to this clip that’s gone viral of her chatting with co-host Sylvia Jeffreys, who recently appeared on Bear Grylls Survival Academy. In a clip from the reality competition series they air, Jeffreys is struggling to take a bite out of a live worm.

Cut back to the studio, Wilkinson asks the most obvious question as to what she did with the worm after it was in her mouth, and her co-hosts all dissolved into a flurry of giggles while Karl Stefanovic just absolutely loses it. But Lisa Wilkinson doesn’t notice because she really just wanted to know whether or not Jeffrey swallowed it or spit it out. Hard-hitting journalism at its finest, people. Give this woman all the Pulitzers.

Via WTFark