Watch This Hilarious ‘Commercial’ For Fred Armisen And Bill Hader’s ‘Documentary Now!’ Series

IFC has released a new promo for Documentary Now!, the upcoming mockumentary series which stars Fred Armisen and Bill Hader as investigative journalists and documentarians. The show’s official trailer previously offered a glimpse into some of Armisen and Hader’s hard-hitting stories (the Mexican drug cartel, a ’70s rock band). Now, this latest clip takes the legitimacy of Documentary Now! — name is likely inspired by the long-running news program Democracy Now! — to the next level.

Similar to the commercials that run on PBS, the promo advertises a limited edition bundle of Documentary Now! episodes. Dubbed the “Definitive Collection,” it’s said to feature 294 discs of footage from the so-called “American Television Institution.” A phone number where callers are urged to place their orders (1-844-DOC-DVDS) appears throughout the course of the video. (Moved as I was to support “50 Years of Excellence & Integrity in Documentary Filmmaking,” I called the number this afternoon; sadly, a prerecorded message noted that all packages were currently sold out.)

Executive produced by Hader, Armisen, and fellow SNL alum Seth Meyers, Documentary Now! premieres on IFC on Thursday, August 20th. It’s expected to feature cameos from Jack Black, John Slattery, and Tim Robinson, among many others.

(Via YouTube)