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A Rhode Island costume shop owner named Ann Bruno was arrested on charges of cyberstalking a local competitor.  Police claim that she signed her competitor up for various “inquires and questions, debt-relief programs, which later on resulted in her receiving an abundance of telephone calls at her place of business.”  

So investigative reporter Jim Taricani of NBC-10 went to interview Bruno.  And that’s when Internet history was made.  Bruno alternately claimed a monster mask was her face and danced around in an Easter Bunny furry suit.  YOU MUST WATCH THE VIDEO IMMEDIATELY.  Here’s a sample:

Taricani: Seriously, ma’am, I wanted to ask you about the police charging you with cyberstalking.

Bruno: (Easter Bunny dances and waves arms)

It’s like a “Saturday Night Live” skit, except really funny.  Go watch it now.  Your day is about to get 1000% better.

UPDATE: Videos — yes, plural — after the jump.

(thanks to Lindsay at Videogum for having the wherewithal to do a simple YouTube search)

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