Watch The Worst Reporter Ever Cover A Flood From Atop One Of The Victims' Shoulders

06.27.13 5 years ago

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 9.35.52 PM

You’ve got to respect embedded reporters. People who go out and in the line of fire and danger to report the most volatile news stories of our time. Then there’s this guy.

Narayan Pargaien went to cover a flood just north of New Delhi but didn’t want to get his fancy shoes wet so he found a local flood victim to hold him up. Pargaien is upset at his cameraman as he was supposed to film from above the helper’s shoulders. Instead he filmed the full scene, revealing the carrying. And even though the footage wasn’t ever used, the video made it to Youtube so Pargaien has been fired.

Let’s get serious for a moment: the flood in Uttarakhand is devastating as 560 people have died and 100,000 were evacuated from their homes. Which sort of makes this guy even more of a d*ck.

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