Watch This Lucky Guy Play ‘Real Life Pacman’ In Bud Light’s New Super Bowl Commercial

01.23.15 4 years ago 8 Comments

Two weeks ago, we shared with you set images from the newest commercial for Bud Light’s “Up For Whatever” campaign. To refresh your memory, last year’s spot involved Don Cheadle and a llama, and ultimately pinned our unsuspecting hero against Arnold Schwarzenegger in a riveting game of ping pong.

Well, Bud Light decided to release their latest Super Bowl commercial a bit early. Aptly titled “Real Life PacMan,” the spot follows one lucky bro who really wants a beer. To get his prize, he had to enter a giant version of the classic video game while a crowd cheers him on and a live band plays what has probably now become the soundtrack to his life.

In other news, Blinky is still a dick.

(Via: YouTube)

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