Watch This Weatherman Rescue A Sad, Mewing Kitten From Tornado Rubble

A WHIO weatherman was surveying the damage in Cedarville, Ohio last week after a strong tornado passed through the area, when he heard mewing and completely accidentally came across a sad, wet kitten that was trapped in the wreckage. There’s almost nothing sadder than a sad kitten. From WHIO:

Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Rich Wirdzek heard the kitten’s meows as he was surveying tornado damage in Cedarville. He found the kitten and pulled it from the debris. The kitten was placed in a jacket and was kept warm in a News Center 7 live truck.

The kitten survived a tornado that destroyed two homes and a barn owned by the Dobbins family at Weimer and Barber roads in Cedarville. The Dobbins family says the kitten was one of several born in their barn recently.

The story had an even happier ending, because as the family was cleaning up the damage, they found the kitten, now named Twister’s littermates — who they named Lucky and Storm. The Docton Animal Clinic posted this photo of the three of them looking happy and healthy on the practice’s Facebook page:

The kittens are said to have made a full recovery and it’s now only a matter of time before they develop into ungrateful assh*les, completely ambivalent of the humans who rescued them. Aww, still. I’ve gotta go hug my ungrateful assh*les now. WHO’S A KITTY?

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