Watch Tina Fey And Seth Meyers Chat About SNL, The Late Night Wars, And The Origins Of ‘Fart Doctor’

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05.15.14 3 Comments
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Tina Fey’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers featured everything you could possibly want from a Tina Fey interview. There was talk of comedy legends, in this case Don Rickles, plenty of talk about SNL and what it is like to be head writer, and the entire thing was closed out by hitting autographed balls into the audience. Nearly perfect.

The highlights here are definitely the SNL stories, especially Al Franken’s ‘Fart Doctor’ sketch idea and Fred Armisen’s foul mouthed karaoke in the writer’s room. It’s nice to know that someone had a great time when SNL was terrible that week.

If you even remotely enjoy Tina Fey or SNL, you owe it to yourself to watch. It’s a very fun and entertaining chat that I certainly didn’t expect. Both parts are embedded below.

(Via Late Night)

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