Watch Tom Haverford Try To Enter The Clone Zone With Tatiana Maslany On ‘Parks And Rec’

If you’re not watching Orphan Black, watch Orphan Black.

It’s as batsh*t crazy as Scandal, except with clones and more nudity and London Calling t-shirts and self-mutilating Ukrainian women. It’s great. But mostly, it’s an excuse to adore Tatiana Maslany, who plays approximately 56 different characters on the show, each with their own unique personality. This Thursday, she’ll make her highest profile non-clone TV appearance to date, playing Tom’s potential love interest on Parks and Recreation.

I know what you’re thinking: what if Mark Brendanawicz left Pawnee because he found a cloning machine, and he’s slowly plotting his revenge against Andy with his army of Brendanawiczs? Eh, they’ll probably save that for sweeps.