Watch Will Ferrell Completely Lose It During A 'Weekend Update' Segment On 'Saturday Night Live'

Last week, James Franco was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and during a commercial break, the two got to talking about Will Ferrell, who Franco will soon be working with. During the conversation, Franco said that he heard from Danny McBride that the hardest part about working with Ferrell is trying not to break character because there’s something about Ferrell’s eyes that “will make you break.”

Fallon agreed, and relayed a story about a Ferrell “Weekend Update” character on Saturday Night Live, Jacob Silg (the guy who couldn’t modulate his voice), and how Ferrell was trying to hold in his laughter during one segment. He was trying so hard that tears came out of his eyes, completely fogging up his glasses. “You watch it. That’s him breaking.”

I looked everywhere online for that particular segment, but couldn’t find it (it’s apparently on Will Ferrell’s Best of DVD, but SNL clips are more difficult to find since Yahoo got all the rights). Anyway, what I did find, however, was an outtake from one of Jacob Silg’s “Weekend Update” segments. I’ve seen a lot of characters break during Saturday Night Live, but this may be the worst character break since Bill Hader completely lost his sh*t during a dress rehearsal of “The Californians.”