Watch Will Forte Bring Back An ‘SNL’ Character To Give A Hilarious Speech Before Seth Meyers’ Wedding

02.27.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

The use of hilarious in the headline here isn’t an attempt at hyperbole. Late Night used it in the headline of their video and it was probably the most appropriate choice. If we wanted to use hyperbole, we’d have said that Will Forte busted out a classic SNL character at Seth Meyers’ wedding. Hamilton is far from classic, but he is certainly very funny.

The thing I like about Seth Meyers’ interview segments, especially with fellow SNL cast members and alumni, is how they seem to go into the personal tales and go beyond the promotional marketing that they’re booked on the show to complete. The Last Man on Earth looks like a very interesting show, but I kinda like that the interview gave us something more than a skit or discussion about how great the show will be. Also I liked Hamilton a lot and I like that Andy Samberg apparently bumrushed Forte to get it for his wedding a few weeks after this one.

(Via Late Night)

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