The First Trailer For The ‘Deadpool’ Writers’ YouTube Series ‘Wayne’ Is As Crazy As You’d Expect

Sure, Deadpool is making his triumphant return during the holidays with the PG-13 edit of Deadpool 2, titled Once Upon a Deadpool, for a limited theatrical run, but that’s not the only thing writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been up to. They’re also executive producing a new YouTube Premium series from Shawn Simmons titled Wayne. Described as “a gritty and sometimes bloody tale” when it was first announced in April, the first trailer for Wayne just dropped and yeah, they weren’t wrong.

Equal parts The Departed and Kick-Ass, Wayne follows its titular subject, played by Mark McKenna, and his young crush Del, played by Ciara Bravo, as they journey from New England to Florida across the show’s 10 episodes, which are set to stream January 16th. Per the official logline:

Wayne can’t help himself from righting the world’s wrongs. Now, against all odds, he and his one-of-a-kind girlfriend Del are on a road trip from Brockton, Mass to Ocala, Florida to reclaim what’s rightfully his: a majestic old car that was stolen from his sick father. With trouble behind them and danger ahead, Wayne and Del are bound to find themselves with their backs against the wall. But that’s okay. They’ve been there before.

Throw in a few passable Boston accents that are sure to earn the internet’s ridicule and voilà! You’ve got Wayne, who for all we know, could very well exist in the same Marvel-but-licensed-to-20th-Century-Fox universe as Deadpool — at least by the sheer amount of blood and violence in the trailer.