06.12.09 10 years ago 8 Comments

Believe me, I don’t like writing Speidi news any more than you like reading it, and I wouldn’t be writing about them at all if this didn’t involve naked tits.  As previously rumored, Heidi Montag — whom I’m going to keep calling Montag because she’s only going to be Heidi Pratt until they get a divorce to get back in the headlines a couple years from now — has confirmed that she posed nude for the September issue of Playboy.  There’s not much else to write about this, as Brendon from WWTDD said what we all already know:

Heidi is one of those girls you can picture naked right now. Skinny, pale, big fake tits with nipples that point out to the side a little because she was too small to go as big as she did. There. That was free.

And yet, we’re all going to look at the naked pictures anyway.  It doesn’t matter that her hair’s fake and her nose is fake and her tits are fake, a woman gets naked and we look.  I’ll give Heidi this, though: she’s got a hot little ass.  I would almost be turned on by it if I didn’t know that this had already been there.

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