We Now Live in a World Where Mayim Bialik Is Better Looking than Joey Lawrence

If you came of age during the early 90s, you’re no doubt familiar with “Blossom,” the NBC show that I think aired on Monday nights, and if I remember correctly, it aired during the same comedy block as “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Right? Anyway, Joey Lawrence — who played Blossom’s brother — was like the lab-created character that came from cross-pollinating Kelly Bundy and Keanu Reeves’ Ted Logan. He was dumb. He was good looking. And he said “Whoa” a lot.

After “Blossom” ended its run, Joey Lawrence would go on to star in another show with his two brothers called “Brotherly Love.” Most recently, he was in a show with another 90’s nostalgia icon, Melissa Joan Hart, called “Melissa and Joey.” I never saw the show. Last I heard of Lawrence, he was bald and a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.” Despite the lack of hair, he was instantly recognizable.

But he regrew his hair (or bought some new hair), and apparently, he lost 4,000 pounds, presumably from a meth bender (if he’s sick or has cancer, I’m going to feel like absolute sh*t for posting this). Here’s a before and after of the Lawrence brothers.

It may take you a second to realize it, but the one in the middle is Joey Lawrence.

Whoa! Terrifying, isn’t it? Now, compare that to Mayim Bialik above, and you’ll understand the title of the post.

Also: FUN FACT: The original opening to “Blossom” was Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative.”

Oh, and here’s Blossom and Six doing the “Fresh Prince” theme song because I FELT LIKE IT.


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