Stephen Colbert’s Friendly War With The Weather Channel Earns Him A Future Winter Storm Named In His Honor

Stephen Colbert tossed a little bit of flack towards The Weather Channel earlier this week, taking exception to their decision to name this week’s winter storm and call it “Stella.” The government is usually in charge of naming storms, not The Weather Channel, so Colbert decided to give the storm a newer name on The Late Show.

“Crazy Balls” does work a lot better than “Stella,” even if it ended up not being worth a name at all in the very end. It did give Colbert some content during the week and it has now earned him the honor of having the next storm named after him. When the first “C” storm of winter 2017-2018 hits — the network releases a full list over the summer — it will carry the Colbert name.

That’s a high honor for the late night host and the latest in a long string of real world things getting that Colbert bump, like that bridge in Hungary that couldn’t carry his name because he was not Hungarian or dead enough to have a bridge.

Colbert broke the news on his own show and seemed to change his tune from earlier in the week. Apparently, it’s cool if The Weather Channel is naming storms when they’re naming them after you. Personally, I think the people should be able to name storms when they pop up. It might end up with 90% of them being named after sex acts and the others just being some variation of Hitler, but it would be free.

(Via Weather Channel / Late Show)