Weekend Preview: Boss Swede

11.18.11 7 years ago 21 Comments

Hell on Wheels (AMC, Sunday) — I’m sticking with “Hell on Wheels” right now mostly for the scenery-chewing performances by Colm Meaney and Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays The Swede. His monologue about Andersonville (embedded below) is probably the highlight of the show through two episodes, but in terms of calculated menace, The Swede is still several steps behind Michael Shannon’s Agent Van Alden on “Boardwalk Empire.”

2011 American Music Awards (ABC, Sunday) — Adele is nominated for a bunch of these, but she won’t be in attendance because she’s currently recuperating from vocal cord surgery. By eating lots of ice cream, I’m sure. What? That’s what you do after a tonsillectomy.

A Gifted Man (CBS, Friday) — Margo Martindale won an Emmy for her portrayal of Mags Bennett on “Justified,” and all she does on “A Gifted Man” is stand around and play the Alfred to Handsome Doctor Guy’s Batman. Tonight’s episode rectified that by making Martindale central to the plot.

The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday) — Guest star Amy Sedaris faces off against Alan Cumming. This show deserves an award just for consistently giving guest roles to awesome actresses.

Fringe (Fox, Friday) — Fall finale. Sorry about the lack of “Fringe” coverage in recent weeks. I’ll try to line up my geek friends for more reports after the hiatus.

How to Make it in America (HBO, Sunday) — Season finale. After dismissing it as “East Coast Entourage” during Season 1, I started hearing great things about the show’s second season. Looks like I’m gonna have to dial up HBO On Demand to catch up.

Saturday Night Live (NBC) — Jason Segel hosts with musical Florence + the Machine. I head that when when Florence + the Machine need a tune-up, they call Mike + the Mechanics. I hate myself for telling that joke.

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