Weekend Preview: 'Breaking Bad' and That's About It

08.12.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

Breaking Bad (AMC, Sunday) – I recently made a declaration that I will get all caught up on the entire run of this show by the end of the year. I believe this means, by law, that no one can yell at me about not watching it now.

Curb Your Enthusiasm/Entourage (HBO, Sunday) – It must be liberating for Larry David to know that, no matter how despicable and insensitive he acts on his show, he’s still not the biggest dick in HBO’s Sunday night lineup.

Karaoke Battle (ABC, Friday) – As far as I can tell, the only difference between this show and “American Idol” is that the contestants didn’t bother to learn the words first. Groundbreaking. Hey, at least we know they can read, right?

Heat Seekers (Food Network, Friday) – A show where a couple guys travel around the country and eat spicy food? I like my version of this show better.

Same Name (CBS, Sunday) – New Miami Dolphin Reggie Bush trades places with a farm owner with the same name. My prediction: he will plant awesome seeds, but the harvest will never live up to its potential. Also, the harvest will have to give back its Heisman trophy. I’m bad at analogies.

Leverage (TNT, Sunday) – This show just got renewed for a fifth season. FIVE. Who is watching “Leverage”? If I’m George Lopez right now, this news makes me furious. Also, if I was George Lopez, I’d make a pretty crappy joke about it, then try to throw it to my band, then realize I don’t have a band anymore, then get MORE furious. I’d be an angry George Lopez.

After the jump, a GIF of kitties playing the keyboard. I don’t believe that needs any more explanation.

GIF via The Clearly Dope

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