Weekend Preview: Charlie Day on ‘SNL’

11.04.11 11 Comments

Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday) – Charlie Day hosts. I’m looking forward to this one, guys. Hell, he even makes Maroon 5’s presence in the above picture tolerable. The man is truly a talent.

Chuck/Grimm/Fringe (NBC/FOX, Friday) – For reasons I can’t put my finger on, it makes a lot of sense that these three shows are lumped together on Friday nights. I’ve only seen one episode of “Chuck,” and none of the other two, but in my mind they’re kindred spirits.

Hairy Bikers (History, Friday) – Ew.

LSU vs. Alabama (CBS, Saturday) – Sometimes I like to sit back and wonder what college or coach I would have wanted to play for if I was a big time football recruit. The answer is Les Miles, and it’s not even close. I feel like he would have let me draw up nonsense trick plays in the huddle that featured like four reverses and ended with a lineman hucking the ball 60 yards downfield. That’s all I ask, coach.

Boardwalk Empire (HBO, Sunday) – I’m already incredibly behind on this show. I always intend to get caught up, but then I end up watching football or goofing around on Tumblr. Life is hard, you know?

The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday) – I started watching this show a while back. It’s pretty good. This and other in-depth reviews can be found at http://www.dangerguerrero.theinternet/tv/unhelpful

CSI: Miami (CBS, Sunday) – From TV Guide: “A masked assassin disrupts a poker game and kills one of the players.” I love that sentence. Like a masked assassin busting into a casino and murdering a poker player at a table WOULDN’T disrupt the game. “Look, I know you’ve got murdering to do, fella. But I’ve got a flush draw. Do it quietly or wait till after the hand.”

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