Weekend Preview: Cinemax? Sure.

08.19.11 13 Comments

Strike Back (Cinemax, Friday) – I read a review of this show a while back that said it was like “24” with nudity and more explosions. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!

Comedy Central Presents: Donald Glover (Comedy Central, Friday) – I love Donald Glover’s standup, I love him on “Community,” hell, I even like his rapping. But I can’t shake the feeling that if I met and hung out with him in real life, we wouldn’t get along at all. I’m not too sure why. Probably has something to do with me being a jealous hater all the time. Maybe. I mean, we can’t rule it out.

Thumbs (MTV, Friday) – A show following competitive texters at the 2010 World Texting Championship. Competitive texters? Whatthewhonow?! Holy crap. I am 1 million years old.

Torchwood (Starz, Friday) – Every time I do the Weekend Preview, I see this show sitting there in the guide, like I’m supposed to do something about it. Sorry bub, I have “Matlock” reruns to watch. … Whatever. Like you’re so great.

True Blood/Curb Your Enthusiasm/Entourage (HBO, Sunday) – HBO should market their Sunday night lineup as “Dicks and Boobs.”

Breaking Bad (AMC, Sunday) – I miss “Mad Men.”

Big Easy Brides (WE, Sunday) – This show… I do not think it means what you think it means. Although I would watch a show about overweight, promiscuous brides, if only to try to get inside the minds of those grooms.

After the jump, two cool commercials I didn’t have room to post today.

Anne Hathaway, overacting her face off at age 14 in the saddest, most conflicting real estate commercial ever. [via Movieline]

Some awesome guy who knows how to party. [via Buzzfeed]

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