Weekend Preview: Don't Leave Me, 'Mad Men.' I Need You

06.08.12 15 Comments

Mad Men (AMC, Sunday) – Season finale. My official prediction for tonight’s episode is that everybody goes on vacation to Hawaii and while they’re there they help Joan’s uncle save his struggling hotel. Lots of hijinks. Don meets a waterski instructor and falls in love with her, but then he leaves the island and she is never mentioned again. Pete is Screech.

Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC, Friday) – Series premiere. The sketch/interview show based on the popular podcast debuts. Finally. It feels like we’ve been posting preview clips of it for months now, and I know I’ve been reading interviews with host Scott Aukerman all week. Everyone watch, please and thank you. (Very cool Funny or Die video after the jump.)

True Blood (HBO, Sunday) – Fifth season premiere. HBO took their viewers’ “Game of Thrones” violence and gratuitous nudity, and replaced it with “True Blood” violence and gratuitous nudity. Let’s see if they notice.

Veep/Girls (HBO, Sunday) – Season finale of “Veep.” I am going to miss this show and its artistic, devastating insults quite a bit.

Joe Mande: The Half Hour (Comedy Central, Friday) – Joe Mande, Twitter hero and new “Parks & Rec” writer, has his first stand-up special airing tonight at 11. I haven’t caught more than a few minutes here and there of his act, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen.

The Tony Awards (CBS, Sunday) – Are the Tonys the least CBS awards show? I think they are.

Fairly Legal/Common Law (USA, Friday) – DAMMIT KATE MAKE UP YOUR MIND. JUSTIN OR THE WEASEL LAWYER GUY. YOU ARE VERY PRETTY AND NICE BUT THIS FLIPPITY-FLOPPITY INDECISIVENESS IS COMPLETELY UN-GODDAMN-ACCEPTABLE FROM A GROWN-UP. (Sometimes I have strong feelings about USA Original Programming. Wait until “Suits” comes back. I’m going to blow a gasket.)

The Glades/Longmire (A&E, Sunday) – Here is my review of the season premiere of “Longmire”: I recorded it last weekend and when I opened up my DVR to watch it I saw Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li in there so I watched that instead. Again.

Nurse Jackie/The Big C/The Borgias (Showtime, Sunday) – Every week I tell myself I’m going to include these shows in the listings, but they get bumped for space. There has been exactly one complaint about it. I don’t think that’s a great sign for Showtime.

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