Weekend Preview: 'Falling Skies' Premieres, Everything Else Ends

06.15.12 8 Comments

Falling Skies (TNT, Sunday) – Two-part season premiere. From TV Guide: “Season 2 opens with Pope seizing command of a renegade contingent within the 2nd Mass unit. Meanwhile, Tom suddenly returns to the group, but his loyalty comes into question; and Hal and Ben drift apart.” My analysis: Noah Wyle is dreamy.

The Killing/Girls/Nurse Jackie/The Big C/The Borgias/The Client List/Fairly Legal (AMC/HBO/Showtime/Lifetime/USA, Sunday/Friday) – All of these shows have their season finales this weekend. I was going to write up separate entries for each of them, but then I realized I’ve either said everything I want to say about them (“Girls,” “The Client List”), have already said too much about them (“Fairly Legal”), never really had anything to say about them in the first place (the Showtime shows), or don’t want to talk about them because they’re stupid and dumb and I don’t care who killed Rosie Larson (“The Killing”). Miss you so much, “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones.”

True Blood (HBO, Sunday) – Last week, commenter Patty Boots pointed out that “Game of Thrones” is like filet mignon and “True Blood” is like a Big Mac, in a good way. This is perfect.

Comedy Bang! Bang!/Bunk (IFC, Friday) – The premiere of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” last week was pretty good, but “Bunk,” IFC’s game show parody/tribute, was definitely a pleasant surprise. It was a bonkers mess and I loved it.

Piranhaconda (Syfy, Saturday) – We saw a trailer for this Syfy Original Movie a few weeks ago, and it looked terrific. And by “terrific,” I mean “awful.” But by “awful,” I mean “terrific.” You get the idea. (NOTE: I forgot to include Jersey Shore Shark Attack in the listings last week. Completely unacceptable. My apologies.)

Mythbusters (Discovery, Sunday) – This week’s episode is titled “Hollywood Gunslingers.” I’m in.

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