Weekend Preview: ‘Fargo’ Returns With Chris Rock, And Gillian Flynn’s ‘Utopia’ Debuts With John Cusack

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Fargo (Sunday, FX 9:00 p.m.) — The FX anthology series is back and as weird as ever. Chris Rock stars as a 1950s Kansas City crime syndicate leader, who must navigate a precarious situation when the head of one family unexpectedly dies and takes the peace with him. Timothy Olyphant, Jason Schwartzman, and Jessie Buckley help fill out a massive ensemble cast of typically strange-named characters this season.

Utopia (Amazon Prime series) — Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn is a showrunner now, and she also wrote this U.S. remake of the U.K.-born series for Amazon. The show, which stars John Cusack, Desmin Borges, and Sasha Lane, is a conspiracy thriller that just happens to include details of a pandemic. Flynn didn’t plan for the show to arrive in the middle of an actual pandemic, but here we are.

Sneakerheads (Netflix series) — An ex-sneakerhead and stay-at-home dad, Devin, jumps back into the game and loses five G’s in a get-rich-quick scheme. Before his wife finds out what’s amiss, Devin must go on the hunt for the holy grail of hard-to-find shoes, “Zeroes,” along with a ragtag gathering of fellow shoe addicts.

The Boys: Season 2 (Amazon Prime series) — This season’s gone weekly from here on out while diving deeper, and Episode 6 sees Starlight join the boys to follow a lead on one of Vought’s darkest secrets. In the process, they discover someone from the past who’s even more ominous than the secret. Oh, and Homelander and Stormfront’s relationship is, well, advancing.

Tehran (Apple TV+ series) — This series promises the exhilarating story of a Mossad agent undercover in a deep way during a mission in (of course) Tehran, where she and those who surround her find themselves in peril. The first three episodes drop on Friday with weekly episodes to follow.

Enola Holmes (Netflix film) — Netflix loves Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown, who’s now making her turn as Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister Enola Holmes. As a bonus, The Witcher‘s Henry Cavill is onboard to play Sherlock with Sam Claflin stepping in as Mycroft Holmes, and between the two of them, they have the fancy hair and twirling-of-mustaches quotient covered.

Country-ish (Netflix original) — Country singer Coffey Anderson and his wife, Criscilla (a hip-hop dancer), open up their Los Angeles home to cameras while they navigate their opposite country vs. city perspectives. The series follows up on their social media popularity with humor and heart.

Fandango at the Wall (HBO and HBO Max) — This music documentary chronicles Grammy winners Arturo O’Farrill and Kabir Sehgal throughout an extraordinary journey in Veracruz, Mexico. There, they recruit master musicians to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border wall and record a live album.

Patria (HBO Europe and HBO Max) — The series premiere launches the adaptation of a novel by Spanish writer Fernando Aramburu. The story hopes to shatter Basque country’s taboo on speaking of the bloody campaign waged by separatist group ETA.

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals (Disney+ film) — A rebellious princess discovers her own superpowers, along with a secret group who’s tasked with (secretly) keeping the kingdom’s peace.

Here’s the rest of this weekend’s notable programming:

Room 104 (Friday, HBO 10:00 p.m.) — The fourth season of the Duplass Brothers’ bizarre playground continues with childhood best friends reuniting to utter disaster when old wounds readily open.

Lovecraft Country (Sunday, HBO 9:00 p.m.) — It’s finally time to circle back to Hippolyta’s search for answers, which leads her into another dimension. Meanwhile, Atticus seeks wisdom from an old family friend.

The Comey Rule (Sunday, Showtime 9:00 p.m.) — Based upon former FBI Director James Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty, this film stars Jeff Daniels as James Comey, Brendan Gleeson as President Trump, Holly Hunter as Sally Yates, William Sadler as Michael Flynn, and Scoot McNairy as Rod Rosenstein.

The Vow (Sunday, HBO 10:00 p.m.) — An early NXIVM defector offers insight while the concerned trio attempts to persuade authorities to take action by contacting more news outlets.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (Sunday, HBO 11:00 p.m.) — He’s back, baby.

In case you missed this fantastic movie last week:

The Devil All The Time (Netflix film) — Robert Pattinson portrays an unholy preacher while Sebastian Stan steps into a crooked sheriff’s shoes, and Tom Holland’s simply trying to stay out of the line of fire while evil forces surround him. It’s a battle between the corrupt and the so-called just that should provide a nice midweek viewing break. This Antonio Campos-directed story spans the period between WWII and Vietnam and co-stars Jason Clarke, Riley Keough, Bill Skarsgård, Eliza Scanlen, and Mia Wasikowska.