Weekend Preview: Finally, Betty Is Back

04.25.14 4 years ago 17 Comments

Game of Thrones (HBO, Sunday 9 p.m.) — The best thing about a new Game of Thrones episode from the Internet’s perspective is that we can finally get outraged or joyous about a completely NEW set of scenes. There’s 58 more minutes to chew on and digest for the next week, until we’ve exhausted every detail, and then we can do it again. God, I love this show.

Mad Men (AMC, Sunday 10 p.m.) — I love this show just as much, even if it doesn’t lend itself to provocative Internet pieces, unless there’s a theory attached to it. The episode description this week is unhelpful, as always: “Don takes an impromptu trip; Betty has lunch with a friend; Harry lobbies for a cause; the partners consider a questionable asset.” I think the key word there is, BETTY.

Continuum (Friday, SyFy 10 p.m.) — I haven’t been keeping up with Continuum since midway through the first season, but I keep hearing that it’s become one of the best sci-fi series around, so it may be necessary to pick it back up again.

Hannibal (Friday, NBC 10 p.m.) — Tonight, Bryan Fuller continues to play up the homoerotic subtext by bringing on Michael Pitt, who by the way, is a terrible person. (Check back on Sunday for Dan’s recap).

Orphan Black (BBC America, Saturday 9 p.m.) — I love this show, and despite watching most episodes twice, I’m still not entirely sure what the hell is going on. But I really love it.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Fox, Sunday 9 p.m.) — In this week’s episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson will illustrate that women be shoppin’ isn’t always the case, as Max from Happy Endings would have us believe, as he highlights the many contributions females have made to astronomy and science.

Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed (Comedy Central, Sunday 10 p.m.) — If you’re into Dad jokes, and I am.

Last Week Tonight (HBO, Sunday 11 p.m.) — And now, we have to stay up even later to watch all the good shows on Sunday night, and this doesn’t even include must watches like Veep and Silicon Valley (and The Good Wife, for some of us). For his first show, Oliver will interview with former NSA director Keith Alexander.

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