Weekend Preview: 'Girls' Premieres, 'Eastbound & Down' Ends

04.13.12 9 Comments

Girls (HBO, Sunday) – I am definitely looking forward to this new comedy, created by Tiny Furniture’s Lena Dunham and produced by Judd Apatow, but JESUS PETE do people like writing about it. Splitsider put together this list of 24 “thinkpieces” about the show, and that doesn’t even include my favorite take on it, by Andy Greenwald at Grantland. He made a Beastie Boys reference in the headline. That is a direct route to my heart. (Trailer after the jump.)

Eastbound & Down (HBO) – Series finale. The saga of Kenny Powers comes to an end Sunday night. Goodnight, sweet prince. Sweet, belligerent, xenophobic prince.

Mad Men (AMC, Sunday) – Someone should make a Tumblr titled Peggy Counting Money, and just post this GIF every hour on the hour until the end of time.

Game of Thrones (HBO, Sunday) – TV Guide has an 80-word summary of the show in their listings, and not once do they mention whether or not Joffrey gets slapped. THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW, TV GUIDE.

Saturday Night Live (NBC, Saturday) – Josh Brolin hosts, with musical guest Gotye. Josh does the recaps of the show, but I want it on the record that Bobby Moynihan’s Drunk Uncle character brings me almost an endless amount of joy.

The Finder/Fringe (FOX, Friday) – 50 Cent guest-starred on “The Finder” last week, and his character’s name was Gangsta Glade. I just wanted you all to know that.

Titanic (ABC, Saturday/Sunday) – ABC is running this four-hour miniseries over the weekend (three hours airing Saturday night, and the one-hour conclusion on Sunday). If human beings had any sense at all, the sinking of the Titanic would have put an end the cruise ship industry. Go to a resort instead. Resorts don’t sink.

The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday) – “OK, I’ve got an idea… what if, for the big trial — and just here me out — Franklin & Bash were opposing counsel.” – Me, if I wrote for “The Good Wife.”

The Client List (Lifetime, Sunday) – This show got a ton of press by having Jennifer Love Hewitt do photoshoots and videos with her cleavage hanging out, then got even more press by covering it up and shrinking it. Someone at Lifetime is a goddamn genius.

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