Weekend Preview: OK, 'Fairly Legal.' I'll Bite

03.16.12 7 years ago 25 Comments

Fairly Legal/In Plain Sight (USA, Friday) – Season premieres. I watched like four episodes of “Fairly Legal” in a row the other morning (working from home is weird). It’s not terrible, and Sarah Shahi is incredibly attractive. You are welcome for this thought-provoking analysis

The Walking Dead (AMC, Sunday) – Season 2 finale. Everyone makes nice and goes to Hawaii. Probably.


Celebrity Apprentice (NBC, Sunday) – Donald Trump’s son seems like a real swell guy sh-tweasel. I, for one, am quite surprised by this development.

Desperate Housewives/GCB (ABC, Sunday) – “Can you believe what happened on ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘GCB’ last night?” is something I imagine one lady says to her friend Helen while slowly pedaling a stationary bike at Curves.

The Good Wife/CSI: Miami (CBS, Sunday) – CBS hasn’t renewed “CSI: Miami” yet, despite renewing almost everything else. I guess you could say … [sunglasses] … it’s not doing very well and may get canceled.

Eastbound & Down (HBO, Sunday) – From TV Guide: “[Kenny] tries to regain control of the team by throwing the mother of all Fourth of July parties.” YES.

Full Metal Jousting (History, Sunday) – Where does one go from punching a horse in the face? The world awaits your answer, “Full Metal Jousting.”

Shameless (Showtime, Sunday) – From TV Guide: “With Monica around and pitching in, Fiona is able to devote more time to pursuing her GED and seek a promotion at the club; Steve learns Estefania is still in love with her ex-boyfriend, so he and Lip conspire to sneak her beau back into the country. Meanwhile, Ian is busy dodging a vengeful Terry Milkovich; and Lip ponders the possibility that he might be poppa to Mandy’s impending arrival.” Jesus. How long is this show? A day?

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