Weekend Preview: ‘Party Down’ Premiere, NFL Draft, & Summer Glau

04.23.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

Party Down (Starz, Friday) — Season 2 premiere. As I wrote on Wednesday,

NFL Draft (ESPN/NFL Network, Friday & Saturday) — If you’re watching rounds 4-7 on Saturday, brother, you’ve got a problem. Even the ESPN talent on the air would rather be someplace else at that point.

Saturday Night Live (NBC) — Gabourey Sidibe hosts, with musical guests MGMT. Watch her promos with Andy Samberg here.

You Don’t Know Jack (HBO, Saturday) — Al Pacino stars as Jack Kevorkian. It’s getting some pretty decent reviews, but for as much as I’m always on HBO’s jock, I never watch their original movies.

Dr. Who (BBC America, Saturday) — The new installment made its American debut last week, and performed well (by BBCA standards). It’s not really my thing, I wouldn’t dare say anything bad about it. Sci-fi Anglophiles are a particularly snotty breed of geeks that I don’t want to mess with.

The Pacific/Treme (HBO, Sunday) — The haters came out of the woodwork to express their disappointment with these two shows early on, but I loved last week’s episodes. For those who didn’t dig the early episodes of “The Pacific,” tune back in. The next couple installments should be more like Part 6 than the early eps.

Breaking Bad (AMC, Sunday) — While I don’t agree with Mr. Bois about this being the best show on television, it’s certainly on the short list.

Deadly Honeymoon (Lifetime, Sunday) — Summer Glau tries walking without her Joss Whedon crutch in this Lifetime original movie, co-starring Luke from “The O.C.” as the husband who gets the deadly part of the honeymoon cruise. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

Yarrr, to the yardarm with ye!

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